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Scriptwriter and (almost) former model, i am modern woman combining strength and delicacy, success and intimacy, power and femininity, on an everyday basis. I'll try telling you about the DOs and DON'Ts in lingerie related issues. But don't take it too seriously, cause my Number One Rule is that there is no rule. Thanks for visiting and don't be shy with any comments that you have :)
Jessica holds an Associate of Science in Fashion Design & Marketing and enjoys writing creative and informative fashion reviews, particularly of the high-end runway. She has also completed several freelance projects involving fashion-related text. Most recently, she was contracted to write an art book on a high profile designer of the ‘70s. Aside from her written passions, Jessica aspires to the area of design, hoping to soon begin her first collection. An intense fan of John Galliano, Jessica is drawn to exotic, couture elements and hopes to bring these beautiful ideas to life.
New York-based fashion and parenting writer who also designs jewelry and apparel. My experience extends from the offices of Manhattan's quick-moving garment district to International media. I'm often seen lurking at the city's chicest weekday parties or the playground with my son. Please send feedback to the address above! xx "A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous." Coco Chanel
Hi Guys, I'm Laura and I'm a lifestyle writer living in New York City. I love everything about fashion from sexy outerwear to what's hidden underneath. I've worked as a writer and stylist for magazines like Time Out New York and websites like and I'll be bringing you the latest in lingerie trends, exciting new lines and the best ways to impress that certain someone with your underpinnings! Feel free to ask any questions and give me your feedback!
Hello everybody, My name is Oana and I love to discover what people have to hide. :) I will gladly share all my thoughts and knowledge around this "area of expertise" on this blog, and I hope you will enjoy reading me! We will dig and take out into the light everything, from the darkest secrets to the sweetest things on Earth (I am talking about lingerie, of course, what did you think?). Feel free to participate, letting me know what your thoughts are, because it is your opinion that matters the most to me!