Suiting your lingerie with your garment


Putting on clothes over different styles of lingerie is a big challenge, as it’s not always easy to find the appropriate lingerie to wear underneath different garments. Even if lingerie is something you usually pick with your heart, it sometimes requires a little head as well when it comes to combining different layers of cloth. Read more ›

When lingerie DOES and DOESN’T do you good


It’s a known fact that lingerie can either compliment you, or it can’t, depending on how you wear it and how you take care of it. Like any other garment, lingerie is produced to suit different measures, different skin types, different people. To last for a certain amount of time, and not for a lifetime. To be taken care of, following a set of instructions. And, most of all, to be worn properly. Read more ›

Afraid of Him Thinking Differently About You? Fear Not!


A woman’s mind is a pretty tricky thing. If it takes half a day for a woman to make up her mind on one thing, it will probably take her half a second to change her mind and think otherwise. I’m not saying it as a negative thing, but rather as the one thing that makes us so spontaneous and mysterious and surprising to men. It’s a proven fact, our picky mind is a source of perpetual fascination and mesmerising. Read more ›

Old Lingerie – Ex or Extraordinary?


Whether we want to accept it or not, we assign a lot of our history and background into the objects/stuff that we surround ourselves with. That certain book, that certain song, that necklace, that bench in the park can trigger a storm of emotions and memories inside any one of us. No doubt about it, that happens with lingerie as well. We can attribute a special memory to any item that we keep in our drawer. But what happens if that certain memory is a closed chapter of your life? One turned page? What about that lingerie that reminds of or links you to your ex? Read more ›

Be comfortable and madly in love on your wedding day!


The lingerie you choose for the most important day in your life can make a huge difference in the way your wedding dress looks on you. After countless hours spent looking for the right wedding dress, also after trying on dozens of dresses, it may seem that all the decisions regarding your wedding clothes have been made. Not so fast, though! There are still some little details that may have a huge impact over your appearance as a bride. Read more ›