Suiting your lingerie with your garment

Putting on clothes over different styles of lingerie is a big challenge, as it’s not always easy to find the appropriate lingerie to wear underneath different garments.

Even if lingerie is something you usually pick with your heart, it sometimes requires a little head as well when it comes to combining different layers of cloth.

Suiting your lingerie with your garment Strapless Panties lingerie Bustier bra

Just remember the times you ended up realizing that you’ve totally neglected paying attention to your undergarment, in favor of being overly careful with choosing the clothes you’ll be wearing. And the moments of embarrassment when you do realize that your panties’ line is showing through your dress, or the color of your bra is visible through your blouse (and not in a flattering way that is).

Suiting your lingerie with your garment Strapless Panties lingerie Bustier bra


Well, the little details do matter, and, surprisingly, they are the ones that can either totally blow away your look, or, on the other hand, make it fabulous. If you’re going to put on jeans and a t-shirt, then it’s easier to assort a comfortable pair of panties and a bra. If the t-shirt is really tight, and the fabrics are elastic and light (such as elastane, Lycra, or summery thin cotton) you should be very careful in picking the bra you’ll be wearing, as all the lines and colors are gonna show from underneath. But, on the other hand, if that’s the effect you’re going for, you can assort your bra with another cloth item you’ll be wearing. Or you can go for a double layer effect, by showing off the braces (and you can find numerous kinds of brands producing bras in any color you’re fantasizing about, even in beautiful pastel colors that can match and underline any outfit). But if you’re not planning on showing any signs of lingerie, you then have to carefully pick the color and material of the bra ( you can easily go for a bustier, as it’s as discrete as it can get).
Suiting your lingerie with your garment Strapless Panties lingerie Bustier bra

You must also give some thought to the way in which your clothes are cut. If you are wearing something that is bare-shouldered or even low cut, you might consider wearing a nice balconette, that will beautifully compliment your torso and make your bust look stunning. Or if you have a nice bolero jacket, you can consider throwing a nice corset underneath it and that’s that – it will look great for a girls night out or a dinner and club.

Just remember – the most important thing when picking out the lingerie you’ll be wearing is just keeping in mind what kind of event you’re preparing for. The motif for your going out will probably tell you more about the clothes you need, than any other thought you might be having. Choose your clothes, then the accessories you’ll be putting over. Don’t forget to even pick your shoes and purse. After you’ve completed that, it will be really easy to realize what kind of lingerie will suit you best. Put them on, give yourself enough time to look at yourself in the mirror and eventually remedy any drawback that might appear. And if everything is good, just go out and make the best of your day (or night)!

Suiting your lingerie with your garment Strapless Panties lingerie Bustier bra


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