Don’t Be the One Putting the ‘Linger’ Into ‘Lingerie’

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Lingerie is your second skin so treat it that way..

Dont Be the One Putting the Linger Into Lingerie underwear sexy Panties lingerie comfortable Bras bra We all know good’n'well the importance of feeling great in your own skin. Well, that rule expands to our second skin as well – that’s what I like to call my lingerie, cause that’s what it should feel like. Whether you’re getting ready for a business meeting, or for a night out at the club, you never know when you’ll end up clothes-off, displaying your lingerie to a special somebody. And what worse turn off is there, rather than not feeling one hundred percent OK wearing it? By all means, you have to be completely positive that what you’ve picked out of your drawer a few hours ago is indeed the best choice.

But what should you do if you don’t have that one special item in your drawer, because you’ve always neglected spicing up your arsenal of lingerie with some red-hot, full-braces, translucent….thing (/thong)? Or if you’re headed for many hours of putting up with that lingerie item before you can finally get it off, and counting those seconds can feel like walking on broken glass? Or what if you want that nice warm feeling of confidence and familiarity that your favorite undies and bra give you, without being dull and looking like you’ve just stepped out of the ’30′s?

Well, then, this is the time to step up and take action. Don’t let yourself linger anymore. Don’t find reasons to disarm yourself. What if that extra kilos are haunting your nights’ sleep? What if you’ll show more skin than you’re normally used to? What if you’ve never worn purple panties before? Just leave all those prejudices behind, forget all about it. Just think of all the women that are facing the same exact problems as you are. So you’re not perfect, but then again, who is? Remember that beauty comes from within, and even if it sounds cliché, it IS true. Underwear will only underline that beauty that you radiate. Put away the worries, calm down and dare to Dont Be the One Putting the Linger Into Lingerie underwear sexy Panties lingerie comfortable Bras bra wear something more dashing. Something you wouldn’t have ever worn before. Throw away your standards, they’re probably holding you down. That will probably give you enough adrenaline to act more courageously than ever before. And that is just the thing you need!

Today’s possibilities can offer you both comfortable, and alluring, at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice neither of them in favor of the other. The lingering is over, just go out and look for whatever it is that best suits you. I’m sure it’s out there, waiting for you to pick it out and put it on. Bold and daring, that’s the best turn on you’ll ever need!

Dont Be the One Putting the Linger Into Lingerie underwear sexy Panties lingerie comfortable Bras bra


Scriptwriter and (almost) former model, i am modern woman combining strength and delicacy, success and intimacy, power and femininity, on an everyday basis. I'll try telling you about the DOs and DON'Ts in lingerie related issues. But don't take it too seriously, cause my Number One Rule is that there is no rule. Thanks for visiting and don't be shy with any comments that you have :)

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    @nurse practitioner – thanks for the great feedback, hope to see you more around the site :)
    @autoverz – it’s just about changing the perspective and the way you look at things, it’s amazing!
    @shelba denicola – i hope that the problem is solved and that there won’t be any in the future :)

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